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Northern Lights [HD] - Candle Lake - Aurora Borealis

Sep. 7, 2011 | By: Mike Boyce Photography

Northern Lights display as seen from Candle Lake, SK, Canada on September 4th, 2011 from approximately 0447 to 0745 UTC.Best enjoyed at 1080p.53.763826, -105.209938Want to see more of my exclusive aurora photographs and time-lapse video? Please LIKE and share this video!View more of my aurora photography at:http://www.boycephotography.ca/Aurora-Photography.htmlhttps://www.facebook.com/boycephotography.caBackground:I was wrapping up photographing a wedding reception on the campground beach and decided to capture some stills and time-lapse footage of the brilliant display looking north over Candle Lake. The aurora covered about 150° of the northern sky and was fluctuating quite rapidly.The time-lapse segments shown are all quite short, either because I was recomposing for stills (my primary goal) or the lens was dewing and needed to be cleaned. Moderate fog began to roll in near the end of the display and I was getting cold! The air temperature was about 5°C and I was still wearing a formal suit from photographing the wedding earlier in the day.These are mainly test clips for the next time I'm actively pursuing Aurora. I was in "wedding mode" and not prepared for such an unexpected light display after a long day of shooting. Still, I hope you enjoy these images and encourage you to share them with others!Music used under license from composer C.P.Bryan.All images and time-lapse footage ©2011 Mike Boyce Photography and may not be republished or broadcast without prior permission. Please contact mike@boycephotography.ca for licensing and print sales.


Northern Lights [HD] - Candle Lake - Aurora Borealis Northern Lights [HD] -...
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