Everything you need to know about your save-the-date cards.
Jul 10, 2014 | Nicola Viau

When should I send out my save-the-dates?

What are save-the-date cards?

Save-the-date cards are a fun way of saying "We're tying the knot, mark it in your calendar!" With hectic schedules and busy daily life, save-the-date cards are becoming increasingly popular as a way of notifying your guests in advance because you WANT them to be there to celebrate your special day!   

Are save-the-date cards absolutely necessary? 

It all depends on what type of wedding you are having! If you are having a destination wedding it is only fair to give your guests ample time to make arrangements especially if your wedding falls during a peak travelling period. Notifying them early will allow your future guests to set aside the time, mark it on their calendar and your chances of them turning up on your special day greatly increase! Some brides opt out of save-the-date cards in lieu of an email notice or word of mouth option. 

When should I send out my save-the-dates?

We suggest sending them within four to six months before you actual wedding date unless it is a destination wedding then roughly eight months in advance. This additional time allows your guests to plan for their travel and expenses and apply for time off with their employer. Another important reason for sending save the dates out is if your wedding falls around a holiday.

Who should I send my save-the-dates to?

Anyone you want to attend your wedding, this includes bridesmaids, siblings and parents even if they have already given you confirmation that they will be attending your wedding. Make sure you choose wisely on who you want to send them to as there is no option to hide from people you have invited if you happen to change your mind about them later! Be clear on who you want to invite when addressing them will help you avoid the trouble of dealing with uninvited guests who assumed they were invited (yikes!) or children if you are opting for an adult only event. This also gives parents the additional time to set up any necessary childcare for that day. 

What elements should my save-the-date cards have?

  • Your names
  • Wedding date and location
  • The words 'Invitation to follow' so guests don't mistake your save-the-date for your invitation!
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