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Forget the J-Lo movie: Here’s why you need to consider hiring a wedding planner.
Jun 12, 2014 | Tracey Manailescu

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

There are many reasons why a couple should hire a wedding coordinator. There are three core services to choose from.

Consulting:  This is for the couple who want to do the planning themselves, but are unsure of a particular portion of the planning process.  They may need help with finding a unique venue, ways to deal with an overbearing family member, ways to stay on track with their budget, vendor selection and referral for their personality and budget etc.

Month Of: This is for the couple who have done the planning themselves, and want to ensure that the day runs smoothly. A professional is there to keep things on time and any problems are averted in a professional and timely manner.

Full Coordination: A professional will help you from the moment they are hired, until the end of the wedding. Vendor negotiations, finding suitable vendors who fit the couples personalities and budget, guidance throughout the entire process, timelines created, budgeting, unique ideas to bring out the best of the couple to have a personalized wedding, ways to ensure the guests are fed, entertained and welcomed.

A couple, their friends and family should enjoy the wedding day.  They should not be working at the wedding. There is always a problem at every wedding, no matter how well planned. Why would a couple want to be stressed out and miss key parts of their special day, or asking that of their friends and family? Hire a professional.  A certified wedding coordinator has worked many weddings and seen a multitude of challenges, and knows what to expect and how to alleviate and problem solve. They will not have the emotional involvement invested in the day that the couple does, so they will be able to think quickly and clearly on their feet, and can find reasonable solutions. Professional guidance and expertise is a huge burden off of the couple’s shoulders.

Tracey Manailescu

Tracey Manailescu is the Co-Founder and Vice President of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc. She is also a Producer of The Wedding Professionals International Conference.  She has been a certified Wedding Coordinator for over 10 years. Considered one of the foremost wedding experts in Canada, she has been quoted in every major newspaper across Canada, and has appeared on several television programs.

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