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Wild and interesting wedding facts

Jun 10, 2014 | By: The On-the-Ball Bride

Have you ever wondered where some of the wedding ideas and traditions came from? There are plenty of interesting wedding facts that you may want to know about.

What happens to doves after they are released at a wedding? Most white doves are trained to return to their roost boxes. Sometimes, however, white pigeons are used instead of doves (they look almost identical). These birds are not generally trained to come back and once released they will be left to try to survive on their own.

Why do brides put a penny in their shoe? The penny in the shoe is a symbol of good luck. Originally, it stems from the old English saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. The coin, a silver sixpence, represents wealth and means that the couple will always have financial success.

Why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger? This custom originally started because that finger is thought to have a direct line to the heart. So wearing the wedding ring on that finger gives you a direct connection to your heart.

Have engagement rings always been popular? No. Engagement rings originated several hundred years ago but were only for the ultra-wealthy. Today’s engagement ring tradition has taken off only in the last two hundred years. Diamonds in the engagement ring are also relatively new. Diamonds represent lasting love.

Why do brides wear veils? Veils have been used by brides for centuries. The veil originally was a symbol of innocence or virginity and was originally thought to protect the bride from evil spirits. The veil is worn over the face prior to the wedding ceremony and is removed after the bride is wed. White veils became popular only in the last hundred years.

Why does the bride toss the wedding bouquet? Originally, the bride likely threw the wedding flowers as a way to distract the onlookers so the couple could leave quickly. Today, the bride throws the bouquet as a symbol of happiness – the single lady who catches it is the next one to marry.

Why does the bride always stand on the left side of the groom? This tradition is thought to stem from a time, long ago, when the groom captured his bride and ran away with her. He held her hand with his left hand so his right hand was free to ward off people with his sword.


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