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Tips for an eco-friendly wedding

May 13, 2014 | By: The Wise Wedding Planner

Many people today wonder how they can make their wedding more eco-friendly without sacrificing the elegance of the wedding experience. There are many subtle things you can do throughout the planning process in order to insure that your wedding will be a green one. While you may want to stop short of wearing a paper wedding gown, there are lots of easy ways to have an eco-friendly wedding.

Invitations – This is one place where you can easily make a difference. Choose recycled paper invitations which are readily available on the market. To make an even bigger impact forego paper invitations altogether and opt instead for Evites. Keep in mind that electronic invitations aren’t for everyone and many older guests may be unable to access them. When choosing paper invitations try to use as little paper as possible – i.e. - skip the extra tissue and reception cards if possible. Another option is to purchase plantable paper invitations. These are made from paper that contain seeds and will actually grow when planted in the ground.

Venue – Choose a reception venue that is eco-friendly. Most traditional wedding venues such as hotels and reception halls have a huge carbon footprint. Instead of going this route consider a more natural setting for your wedding. A beach wedding is a popular and natural option. If you don’t live near a body of water, consider holding your wedding at a botanical garden or forest preserve. Holding your wedding during the daytime will cut down on the electricity needed. If you do plan on using a traditional reception setting choose one that uses energy efficient appliances, offers biodegradable products, and is eco-friendly.

Flowers – Yes, flowers are natural, yet not all flowers are eco-friendly. Many growers utilize harmful pesticides. When choosing flowers it is important to ask the right questions and hire a florist that is eco-friendly. Choose flowers that are in season and don’t purchase blooms that need to be transported as these cause the excess use of fuel. An option to consider is to use potted plants on tables instead of cut flowers. The guests can take home the plants and keep them. Flowers for boutonnieres for groomsmen and the groom can be made of paper or silk. When you opt for a throw-away bouquet consider using silk or paper flowers.

Wedding Attire – Make your wedding dress eco-friendly by choosing a gown that was pre-worn. You can find gowns to choose from at various local shops as well as online. You may also be able to use a wedding gown from your mother, sister, aunt, or friend. If the style is too old or outdated you can easily have it tailored to your liking. Finding a vintage gown is the easiest and best way to go-green with your wedding attire. You can do the same for your bridesmaids dresses, although this may take some extra work. Pick a colour for the dresses and then start shopping for them through local resale shops or online. If you prefer to purchase a new wedding gown consider buying one from a designer that specializes in sustainable fabrics. It is also possible to rent a gown so that it will be worn again and again, rather than just once.


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