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How to make your bridal bouquet unique

How to make your bridal bouquet unique

Jul 1, 2014 | By: The Wise Wedding Planner

Brides have been carrying floral bouquets for many decades so it’s no wonder that many women want to choose a more unique look. There are some ways you can update the look of your bouquet making it more personal. Here are some of our most interesting options to get your creative juices flowing.

Feathers – Incorporating feathers into your bouquet is a great way to add some interest to your flowers. Feathers are feminine and are a great way to add more texture to a standard bunch of flowers.

Incorporate Something Old – Every bride wants to have something that reminds her of a loved one with her on her wedding day. To make your bouquet personal you can add some pieces of your grandmother’s hankie or your grandfather’s tie. These simple additions will increase the sentimentality immensely.

Bright Colours – What better way to stand out than with a brightly coloured bouquet? Choose a very bright hue that is in the same or opposite colour family as your wedding colour. You can also incorporate the same colour into the groom’s boutonniere.

Go Big – A big bouquet makes a grand entrance. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t want the bouquet to overpower your dress so if you’re going big, try to stay in one colour family (white works great).

Keep it Simple – Sometimes a simple understated flower make a big statement. Consider carrying a single large stemmed flower such as a lily as an elegant and creative choice.

Add a Secret – As the bride you can make your bouquet special to you by adding something that only you know about. Have a small silver initial charm sewn into the stem to give it a distinctive touch.

Go Green – Green is the new black. Green isn’t just a great colour choice but it also represents nature and the whole green earth movement. Choose a bouquet of green flowers and foliage to create a natural look that’s all your own.

Wildflowers – Nature lovers will enjoy a bouquet made exclusively from natural wildflowers. The look is rustic yet very pretty and is part of a big trend towards connecting with nature.

Photos – Incorporate some small photos (on stems) into your bouquet. This lets you bring along your family and loved ones down the aisle, making them part of the ceremony.


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