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Cake vs. Cupcakes

Cake vs. Cupcakes

Jun 24, 2014 | By: The Wedding Cake Whiz

Cupcakes have become a very trendy wedding alternative to a traditional wedding cake. There is good reason for that – cupcakes offer plenty of advantages over wedding cakes. When deciding which to choose consider both the pros and cons of each option and choose the alternative you like the best.

Pre-portioned. Cupcakes are made in portion sizes so there is no need to slice and serve the cake, which can be costly.

Flavour Options – When you choose a wedding cake you must decide on one particular flavour. Cupcakes offer the ability to have many different flavour choices so there is sure to be one for every guest’s liking.

Fun Decorations
– Cupcakes can be decorated in fun and different ways to fit perfectly with your wedding theme and colours.

Self Service – Cupcakes can be easily set up ahead of time on a special table so guests can simply take the one they want.

No Wedding Cake to Cut – Many couples still want to do a traditional cake cutting ceremony. If so, you can order a small one layer cake with a topping so you can take photos and cut the cake.

Easy Set Up – Cupcakes can make a beautiful display which can be set up easily.

Freshness – Cupcakes can get stale easily so it’s essential to have them made as close to the wedding as possible.

Frosting – Cupcakes can be frosted with many different colours and flavours including some of the more sophisticated gourmet choices.

Special Diets – Cupcakes can be made to accommodate special diet requirements. For example, if you have guests who require a gluten or sugar free dessert, cupcakes can be made to fit their needs.

Traditional Wedding Cakes – Are still a popular choice. They allow couples to have a romantic dessert option.

Groom’s Cake – A groom’s cake is a popular addition to any wedding reception. The cake can be a fun way to pay homage to the groom’s personality.

Easy to Transport – Cupcakes are easy to take along. If you’re offering the cake as a take-away, you can provide some boxes for guests to pick their own cupcakes before they leave.



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