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Should kids come to a bridal shower?

Should kids come to a bridal shower?

Jul 15, 2014 | By: The Etiquette Expert

Some bridal showers are kid friendly and some are just for adults. Which is a better choice? It’s really up to you – both options are acceptable. Many times the decision is based on how bridal showers have always been handled in your family. There are pros and cons to both choices. If you have a preference you should be sure to let your family know before the shower is planned.

If you have a lot of friends and family members with small children it may be necessary to have them come along – otherwise you may not have everyone available. Children, especially babies and toddlers, often accompany their moms almost everywhere. Well behaved kids are never really a problem. But kids can become unruly and even distracting.

Too many children can spoil a fun bridal shower. Women are too busy trying to reel in their kids that the focus of the party is completely lost. Other times, the kids may want to get involved and may even want to open gifts. While you can’t reprimand children once they are at the party, you can choose not to have them there at all. Of course having a few kids at the bridal shower can be fun and can make the event feel more personal.

What happens if you really don’t want kids there – can you say so? Not really – but you can make the bridal shower less available to children. For example, you can have the shower in the evening or make the shower a “cocktail party” shower, which automatically sends the message that kids aren’t welcome. Another option is to hold the shower at a location where children aren’t allowed.

If you want kids at the bridal shower but want to be sure they are kept under control, consider hiring a baby sitter (or two). Create a special area for kids and set it up with games, toys, movies, and colouring books. Get a neighbourhood sitter to watch the kids while the party is in progress. Be sure to provide kid friendly food and beverages for the little ones.


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