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Matching Wedding Bands

Do our wedding rings have to match?

Jun 17, 2014 | By: The Jazzy Jeweller

Years ago, men didn’t even wear wedding bands. Once men began wearing bands they were always made to match the bride’s wedding band. In fact, many times the rings were sold in a set. Today, times have changed. While many rings are still sold in sets, modern couples often prefer to choose rings that don’t exactly match. Wedding rings are part of the wedding ceremony, where the couple says their vows. The rings are a symbol of the couple’s love and devotion in marriage. When you choose wedding rings that don’t match you should keep a few things in mind:

Choose the Same Colour Metal – If you prefer silver toned settings both the bride and groom’s rings should be white gold or platinum. If you like gold, both rings should be gold. Whichever colour you choose, be sure that both the bride and groom rings are the same.

Consider Style – The wedding bands don’t need to match, but it is nice to have a similar style to them. For example, if the bride’s band is thin, consider a thin groom’s band.  Keep in mind that each person should be able to choose a band that shows their personal style and one they will enjoy wearing for years to come.

Diamonds – Diamond encrusted wedding bands are popular now – for both men and women. Women’s style bands may have diamonds around the entire band while men’s styles usually have fewer diamonds. Men’s wedding bands may be decorated with carvings rather than diamonds.

Differences - Women’s wedding bands usually have diamonds while men’s wedding bands may not. Instead, men’s bands may be braided, carved, two-toned, or plain. Bands are made of metal that is very durable such as gold, titanium, or platinum. Women’s wedding bands use various methods to hold diamonds in place including pave, prong, micro-prong, and channel.

Engraving – Couples like to engrave the inside of the wedding bands. They usually choose a short saying that shows their love or that has special meaning to them. The wedding date is also commonly engraved inside the band.


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