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How to keep the littlest guests at your wedding happy by planning fun activities for them
Dec. 10, 2010 | By:

While your wedding day might be the most exciting of your life, the kids in attendance may not see things the same way. If you want to make sure your younger guests have a great time at the wedding reception, plan ahead. There are very simple, affordable things you can do to keep little ones occupied and having fun – and out of the grown-ups' hair!

The first thing you’ll want to do is consider the number and ages of the children that will attend your wedding reception. Chances are the older kids – tweens and up – will enjoy taking part in the more grown-up events, such as dancing and toasting (with non-alcoholic beverages, of course). The smaller children, though, are likely to fall asleep in their main courses or cut up when you and their parents really don’t want to them to if you don’t have a plan.

When your guest list includes more than a few toddlers to roughly 10- or 11-year-olds, consider these ideas for keeping them occupied and happy during your wedding reception:

Hire a babysitter – Set aside a special room in the reception hall, if possible. Hire a babysitter to round up the little ones, play games, watch videos and just do kid things. This is a great way to make sure the younger guests have a great time at the wedding reception and it can also help you be certain their parents can have fun too.

Bring in special entertainment – Clowns, face painters, a magician or even a balloon artist can be a great addition to wedding reception entertainment, especially for younger guests. These entertainers can keep the children having fun while the grownups enjoy the reception.

Create kid-themed tables – Try seating slightly older children together at a kid-themed table. Consider offering them food choices more in line with their tastes, too. While lobster might sound good to you, the 6-year-olds in attendance at your wedding reception may not agree.

Ask the disk jockey to remember the kids – While you might have a passion for big band music or romantic tunes, chances are your younger wedding reception guests do not. Make sure the DJ or band plays a few tunes for the kids every set or so.

Making certain your younger guests have a great time at your wedding reception just takes a little forethought. Think of something fun to occupy them and they’re likely to reward you with exceptional behaviour.

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