Wedding day photo must haves

30 Wedding day photo must haves

Photos are the most important part of the wedding necessities because you’ll be viewing the pictures for years to come.
Nov. 22, 2013 | By: The staff

Your wedding day is the most important event of your life so it’s essential that you capture the memories in photos. Photos are the most important part of the wedding necessities because you’ll be viewing the pictures for years to come. Be sure that you don’t miss out on any of the moments of your wedding by including these 30 essential wedding day photos.

1. Traditional bride and groom pose, close up – Consider various poses and different lens options

2. Bride and groom, full length – Indoor shot in the church and outside the church in natural light.

3. Bride, leaving for the church – Getting into the car on her way to the church.

4. Bride, arriving at the church – Getting out of the car, going into the church.

5. Bride and groom, saying vows – A few shots of the couple as they say their vows.

6. Bride, groom, and bridal party – Complete bridal party photos indoors or outside.

7. Bride, walking down the aisle – Here comes the bride.

8. Bride and groom leaving the alter – First time as husband and wife.

9. Wedding cake – A photo of the cake or dessert table before it is cut.

10. DJ or band – General picture of the DJ set-up.

11. Wedding rings – Show the couple’s hands with their wedding rings in place.

12. Parents of bride and groom – Separate shots of the parents.

13. Entrance to reception – Looking into the reception venue.

14. Receiving line – Set up near the entrance to the reception.

15. First dance - Several photos of the first dance as a couple.

16. Eating dinner / Main table – Dinner at the reception.

17. Kissing – Bride and groom kissing at the dinner table.

18. Wedding toast – Photos of special people giving the wedding toasts.

19. Dinner – Overview of the dinner with seated guests.

20. Reception hall – General indoor photo

21. Wedding party dancing – Fun photo of the bridal party on the dance floor together.

22. Father-daughter dance – Sentimental picture of dad and his little girl.

23. Cake cutting ceremony – The couple cuts the wedding cake.

24. Bouquet toss – Bride tossing the bouquet to eligible single women.

25. Garter toss – Groom takes off the garter and tosses it.

26. Family portraits of both bride and groom’s families (including siblings and children)

27. Grandparents – Photos of grandparents of bride and groom.

28. Couples and friends in attendance – Table shots of couples and groups.

29. Candid shots, guests

30. Candid shots, wedding party

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