Creative boutonniere ideas

Creative boutonniere ideas

The boutonniere is one of the only places where you can get creative with the groom’s attire.
Nov. 8, 2013 | By: The staff

Remember your high school prom where all the boys wore white carnation boutonnieres? Those days are gone – especially when it comes to weddings. The boutonniere is one of the only places where you can get creative with the groom’s attire.
Consider many new ideas and think outside the box to find a fun and unique addition to the groom’s lapel. Here are some fun options to get you started.

Natural – Going for a green wedding? Make a boutonniere from burlap and buttons in a pretty neutral hue that will go with every wedding colour.

– If you’re planning a beach wedding, consider creating a special shell boutonniere. You can put several shells together to form a flower design.

Bright Colours – If you want to make a fun fashion statement, think about a brightly coloured boutonniere. It can be made from material such as felt with dried flowers to lend more depth.

Vintage – If you’re planning a vintage wedding you’ll want the groom to wear a black and white boutonniere. Add some stylish period jewellery to make the look authentic.

Feathers – Feathers add a bit of whimsy while still being rather traditional. Feathers are available in a number of different colours and won’t wilt like flowers do.

Linen – Does your groom have a linen kerchief from a beloved grandmother? If so, you can incorporate it into a boutonniere by forming it into a flower and sewing on some individual beads and ribbons.

Initials – Add your initials to the boutonniere to make it your own. One cute way to add them is with silver charms.

Photo – Your groom is proud of you so why not show it by wearing a small photo of the two of you. Attach it to the middle of the boutonniere or let it dangle. Make sure it’s small enough so it won’t overpower your groom’s look.

Winter Grouping – If you’re getting married in the fall or winter, use a miniature flower holder to group a cluster of winter items including a pine branch and a little pine cone.

Fragrant – Opt for a nicely scented boutonniere by using some eucalyptus leaves along with some small seeds and berries. This makes a very manly yet unique choice.

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