Hair accessories for the bride

Hair accessories for the bride

There is a vast selection of hair accessories and each comes with some pros and cons.
Nov. 13, 2013 | By: The staff

One of the most difficult decisions every bride need to make is how to wear her hair on her wedding day. There are many choices to pick from but the ultimate option should be based on what looks good, what is comfortable to wear, and simple to keep up throughout the day. There is a vast selection of hair accessories and each comes with
some pros and cons.

Tiara – The tiara is a popular hair accessory. It is certainly a way to make you feel like a princess. You can find tiaras in a variety of styles, qualities, and price ranges. One of the drawbacks of wearing a tiara is that you must design your hairstyle around it – only certain styles work well with a tiara. If you’re set on wearing one, purchase it early enough to bring it along to the hair salon, where you can spend some time testing out styles that look best.

Flowers – Flowers are a trendy hair accessory. They are often used in beach and outdoor weddings because of the soft, informal beauty they bring to the look. The choice of flowers is essential to designing the appearance. Fresh flowers are preferable over artificial blooms. One of the disadvantages of wearing fresh flowers in your hair is that they tend to wilt quickly, especially in warm weather. If you choose to accessorize with flowers be sure to order several identical sets of flowers. Keep the extras in a small cooler so you can easily change out to a new one if the first one begins to droop.

Bling – Hair bling comes in many varieties such as sparkly clips, picks, or bobby pins. When choosing hair bling you’ll want to pick accessories that will work with the style you are going to wear. Consider various options and try them on to see which you prefer. You will want to pick accessories that are large enough to be seen from a distance. Avoid clips that are made using low quality plastic stones that don’t sparkle as they should. Real glass crystals usually look the best but they can be pricey. If the hair clip is too heavy it can be difficult to keep it in place and can be uncomfortable.

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