How to spot a wedding crasher

How to spot a wedding crasher

Wedding crashers can ruin your wedding and wreak havoc at your reception.
Nov. 4, 2013 | By: The staff

You’ve probably heard of wedding crashers – people who join your reception celebration without being invited. As the bride, you’ll want to know how to quickly spot a wedding crasher and what you should do about it. There are two types of wedding
crashers – those you know and those who are strangers. If you know the people, it’s likely you didn’t invite them for good reason. No matter the reason, wedding crashers can ruin your wedding and wreak havoc at your reception. They can also cost you a lot of money, especially if you’re paying for an open bar.

Spotting a Wedding Crasher
It’s important to find out who the invited guests are. The reason crashers can get away undetected is that most people simply assume that the crasher is an invited guest by the other side of the wedding party. Before the wedding, discuss the possibility of wedding crashers with your family and wedding party. Assign a person from both the bride and groom’s family as the go-to person. If a potential wedding crasher is spotted, have the assigned people check them out and verify whether they are an invited guest. You will usually find that a wedding crasher doesn’t have a table and will usually be spotted hanging around the bar.

What to Do About a Wedding Crasher
First, remember your safety. Wedding crashers may be unruly because they have often been drinking. Don’t approach the wedding crasher – instead, ask the parents or a friend to take charge of the situation. Ask the person his name and how he knows the couple. If the answers aren’t sounding right, verify that he knows the name of the bride and groom. When a wedding crasher is discovered, firmly but politely request that he leave. If he begins to give any signs of trouble, get the manager of the reception hall involved. Escort the individual outside to avoid making a scene. Only in extreme situations will the police need to be called. However, if the situation becomes violent or dangerous, don’t hesitate to call the police for assistance.

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