Top wedding gown fitting tips

Top wedding gown fitting tips

A fitting is session where the tailor or seamstress makes final adjustments to the fit of the wedding gown.
Nov. 20, 2013 | By: The staff

You’ve ordered your dress and it has arrived. The next and final step is to have it altered. A fitting is session where the tailor or seamstress makes final adjustments to the fit of the wedding gown. Every wedding gown can be altered to a size or two in either direction. The fitting also allows you to have the dress properly sewn to your exact measurements so it will fit you perfectly.

Try it on after a Meal – Too many brides make the mistake of fitting the gown in the morning or on a day when she hasn’t eaten. This won’t help you because the dress will feel too tight after eating a meal.

Wear the Right Shoes – Length is important so you need to have your dress altered while wearing your bridal shoes. Be sure to walk in the gown (with your shoes on) to see how the dress flows with your footwear.

Bring the Correct Undergarments – Trying on the dress for alteration is just like a dress rehearsal – everything has to be the same as it will be on your big day. Wearing the correct undergarments can make a difference in how the gown fits.

Sit Down – All too often a bride has her dress altered while standing in front of a mirror. Don’t forget you’ll be moving, dancing, and sitting. Try all of these activities while wearing your dress to make certain it’s comfortable.

Go for Several Fittings – Even after you think the dress is properly fitted, plan on one more visit, just to be sure. This will alleviate any nagging thoughts you may have and ensure a great fitting gown.

Bring Someone Along – It can be helpful to have your mom or your maid of honour come with for the fitting. She’ll help you see how the dress looks and will help make sure it looks great on you. She can also take some notes about what is going to be altered so you can check on it later.

Use Mirrors – Take advantage of the triple mirrors to look at your dress from every possible angle. This lets you see yourself from the side and from behind.

Wear the Veil – If you’re going to wear a veil, be sure to bring it along and try it on with the dress. Often times the veil needs to be altered to coordinate with the look of the dress and you won’t know this until it’s too late unless you bring it to the fitting.

Take a Picture – Snap a quick photo of yourself in the dress once it’s properly fitted. This will help you view how it should look and will reduce potential problems.

Allow Plenty of Time – Alterations shouldn’t take longer than a few days but can take a lot longer depending on how busy the seamstress is. Be sure to allow enough time for several fittings should you need them.

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