Things your groom wants you to know

Things your groom wants you to know

Here’s a peek inside the groom’s mind to see some things he may not have told you.
Oct. 18, 2013 | By: The staff

Communication is an important part of your relationship but when it comes to the wedding plans it may seem as though you and your groom are on a different page. Don’t worry, your groom is interested in the plans – he just may not know how to show it. Here’s a peek inside the groom’s mind to see some things he may not have told you.

He needs to know what you expect. The wedding is approaching and he may not really know what to do. To women, weddings are second nature. We dream about them, talk to our friends about them, and plan them from an early age. Don’t expect your man to automatically understand what’s needed. Instead, throw him a lifeline – and a list. He’ll be happy to know what his responsibilities before the big day.

He cares about the details. Sure, it may seem as though he’s disinterested in the wedding details – after all there are quite a few of them. In reality, he does care about them. He just doesn’t need to talk about things in detail the way you may need to. It’s best to talk to your groom at a time when he’s open to listening and not in the middle of the big game. Ask for his opinions and listen for an answer.

He wants you to acknowledge his friends. Just because he’s getting married doesn’t mean he’s losing his friends. He wants to make sure that his friends are invited and welcome at the wedding and you’re ready to accept them as part of his life. He knows his life will change after getting married so he needs some reassurance that he’ll still keep some of his friends.

He wants a voice.
Yes, you can plan most of the wedding and make many of the decisions without him. But some choices need to be his – especially when it comes to things that involve him. Don’t make decisions about what he’s going to wear or say unless you discuss it and allow him to make up his own mind.

He wants a bachelor party. Your groom wants you to understand that a bachelor party is a fun tradition and one he won’t abuse. Don’t be a nag about it or give him any rules because that’s just too overbearing. Show him some trust – he isn’t going to misbehave.

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