How to lose those last 10 pounds

How to lose those last 10 pounds

Here are some great tips for losing those last few pounds and getting to the weight you want.
Oct. 16, 2013 | By: The staff

Your wedding is approaching and you’ve lost most of the weight you wanted to lose. Now, you’re headed towards your wedding and have the last 10 pounds to go. It always seems as though the final 10 pounds are the hardest to lose – but they don’t need to be. Here are some great tips for losing those last few pounds and getting to the weight you want.

Drink a Smoothie – Smoothies are a very popular beverage these days. You can get plenty of nutrition while reducing your calorie intake with a smoothie. A smoothie as a great way to start the day and they make a healthy between-meal snack.

Take a Walk
– Walking is a good exercise and helps keep your metabolism working properly. A brisk walk in the morning or evening is easy to do and will help melt away those last few pounds.

Don’t Try Fasting – Fasting or other similar diets can be harmful and dangerous. Keep up your energy by
eating properly and stay away from fads.

Get a Buddy – Dieting and exercising can be much easier when you have someone to help you. You and your friend can help keep each other on track and assist by helping each other strive for your goals.

Stay on Routine
– It’s easy to fall out of your diet and exercise routine after you’ve made progress. Keep in mind that you still have a little ways to go and continue your daily plan.

Use a Pedometer
– Keeping track of your steps is a good way to add more exercise in your day. Push yourself to increase your steps and you’ll shed some pounds.

Keep a Food Journal
– Writing down everything you eat will help you know where you’re going wrong. You’ll be more apt to avoid overeating or binge snacking if you have to write it down.

Snack healthy – If you’re not at your ideal weight you can’t reward yourself just yet. If you need a snack be sure to pick a healthy choice that is low in calories but will give you a full feeling.

Mix it Up – Sometimes shedding the last few pounds can be difficult. Try to make your exercise routine more interesting by adding some new options. Change it up with different exercises that you haven’t tried and you’ll be more likely to stay focused.

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