Creative guest book ideas

Creative guest book ideas

Consider a new and more interesting way to have guests sign in to your reception.
Oct. 11, 2013 | By: The staff

A wedding guest book is a traditional way for guests to sign in at your wedding. Later you can look back and remember those who helped share your special day. Instead of a plain guest book, consider a new and more interesting way to have guests sign in to your reception. Here are a few trendy alternatives.

Create a Wish Tree

Purchase a small decorative craft tree along with some small cards with ties. Set up a reception table where guests can give you a wedding wish. Have them write the wish on one side and sign the other. Then, they hang the card on the tree. Soon you’ll have a tree filled with wonderful wedding wishes. Guests will enjoy reading what others have written.

Thumbprint Guest Trees

A fun and creative trend, thumbprint trees are a unique way to create an alternative to a guest book. Start with a large poster with the outline of a tree with branches. Each guest uses ink you provide to place their thumbprint on the poster to create leaves. Then, guests sign their name next to the thumbprint. In the end, you have a great poster you can frame as a memento of your wedding.

Signature Wine Bottles

Choose 5 bottles of wine and label each one with the numbers one through five. Have guests sign the bottles with a metallic pen so it can be easily read on the glass. Save the bottles of wine for your anniversary celebrations on your 1st through 5th wedding years.

River Stones
Smooth river stones are great for decorating. Use river stones as a way for guests to sign in to your wedding. Get a large number of smooth stones in similar sizes. Put them in a couple of small metal buckets. Provide permanent markers and ask guests to write a wedding message on one side and sign the other. You can use the stones in a pond or as decor in your home.

Index Cards
Index cards are a great way to have your guests sign in to your wedding. Set up the table with a decorated box along with plenty of cards and pens. Ask guests to fill out the cards with their names and contact information. Later, you’ll be able to use the cards to more easily prepare thank you notes.

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