10 Things your bridesmaids want you to know

10 Things your bridesmaids want you to know

Here are the top 10 things your bridesmaids want you to know (but may be afraid to tell you).
Sep. 27, 2013 | By: The idoo.ca staff

As a happy bride-to-be you’re likely concentrating on planning your wedding but it’s important to keep your bridesmaids happy throughout the process. Being a bridesmaid has its own set of problems and stresses and if you’re aware of them ahead of time you can more easily stay away from issues and keep things on track. Here are the top 10 things your bridesmaids want you to know (but may be afraid to tell you).

1. They are happy to be your bridesmaid. In fact, they want you to let others know who they are. Friends and family should know who you’ve chosen to be part of your wedding party as soon as possible.

2. Your bridesmaids want to help you live your dream wedding. Despite any possible jealousy, they really do want you to have the wedding you dream of. Keep in mind, however, that while this is your big day, they may get tired of talking about it all the time.

3. Bridesmaids have other responsibilities – they may work, have families, and generally have their own lives. Be respectful of their time and try not to overbook them for too many outings and wedding-related activities.

4. Bridesmaids have budgets. Your bridesmaids may be strapped for cash so it’s helpful to try to keep their expenses down. You may want to spare no expense for your wedding but your bridesmaids have other financial obligations to consider. Be mindful of all the expenses they will encounter and keep them to a minimum.

5. Let your bridesmaids know what you expect of them. Lack of communication can cause problems with your bridesmaids. Try to lay out what you expect from your bridesmaids so there will be no hard feelings later on.

6. Be aware of their feelings. Your bridesmaids need you to be sympathetic of their feelings. Try to look at their role from their perspective so you don’t put too much pressure on them.

7. Try to keep your mom out of it. Your bridesmaids want to help you but they prefer to stay connected with you directly. Create a Facebook page just for your bridesmaids so you can be sure of good communication.

8. Your bridesmaids value your friendship. After all, that’s why they agreed to participate in your special day. Don’t allow problems with the wedding to interfere with your friendships.

9. They want pretty dresses. Of course, sometimes the bridesmaids can’t agree on what they like. Consider allowing bridesmaids to choose their own style dress as long as they are all the same colour.

10. Stay happy. Your bridesmaids want an enjoyable experience and are pleased to help. But if you turn into bridezilla, they’ll all want to run the other way. Keep them sheltered from tantrums and negativity.

The idoo.ca staff.