Tips for finding the perfect veil

Tips for finding the perfect veil

There are many styles of veils available. Here are some tips for finding the right veil for you.
Sep. 25, 2013 | By: The staff

Wedding veils are a traditional part of the bridal attire. The veil is used to cover the bride’s face on her way down the aisle. As the father gives the bride away, he flips back the veil and gives his daughter a final kiss before the vows are said. Today, a veil still serves that purpose but it’s also part of the fashion statement of the wedding gown. There are many styles of veils available. Here are some tips for finding the perfect veil.

• Choose the length that matches the length of your gown. If your gown is floor length you can choose a floor length or shorter veil. If your dress has a train your veil can be cathedral length.

• Decide where you’ll wear the veil, which is predicated upon the hairstyle that you’ll wear. A pouf or elbow length veil can easily be placed in the crown or attached to your bun.

• A blusher veil is a popular choice. It has a short tier in the front and a slightly longer tier in the back. It falls to about shoulder length, making it a good choice for any length wedding gown.

• Pick a veil that mimics the flow of your dress. For example, if your dress is long and flowing, consider a waterfall veil that has a cascading edge. If your gown is slim fitted, wear a veil that is short and soft.

• Veils can be made of different materials. Soft, flowing, lightweight material is perfect to wear with soft, flowing dresses. If your dress is made of thick material consider a veil made of still material such as netting.

• Lace can soften the look of the veil. Some veils have lace edges while others may have special flowers or embellishments throughout.

• Try on the veil with your dress before making a final decision. The main thing to consider is how the veil will look with your gown.

• Create some colour and style by adding some flowers to your veil using the same colour as your bridesmaid dresses. A small pop of colour can give your veil a trendy updated look.

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