What to do about unexpected reception disasters

What to do about unexpected reception disasters

Don’t let problems spoil your wedding! Here are some of the most common disasters and how to avoid them.
Sep. 9, 2013 | By: The idoo.ca staff

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and planning for it takes months of work. Yet, no matter how much planning you do and how many steps you take to ensure a happy reception, there can be unexpected disasters. Prepare for these possible problems and learn how to deal with them if they do occur. Don’t let problems spoil your wedding! Here are some of the most common disasters and how to avoid them.

Drunk guests. You want a fun wedding but you certainly don’t want your guests to drink and drive. To avoid this problem block out a hotel wing where guests can stay at a discounted rate. Hire a shuttle to bring people to and from the reception and you’ll have no problems with drunk driving.

Flowers that die. Fresh flowers look great but they can wilt very quickly, especially in hot weather. To keep your blooms looking their best throughout the day and night choose sturdy flowers that hold up well. Make sure that the florist supplies the freshest possible flowers rather than those that have been cut days ahead of time.

Stained wedding dress. It can happen to anyone – suddenly your dress gets into mud or a glass of wine is spilled on you. To combat the problem, make sure that you have a stain fighting kit with you. Apply stain blotters right away. If the bottom of your dress becomes dirty quickly rinse it away. If it’s raining, hand out large umbrellas to make sure that guests don’t track mud into the church or reception.

Late wedding guests. Guests can sometimes cause a delay in the reception. To keep this from happening, make sure that you provide detailed directions from the church to the reception venue. Don’t allow too much time in-between because guests will veer off path and end up being late.

Unexpected weather. The weather is the one thing we have no control over. You’ll need to prepare for any type of weather problem. In heat or rain, provide enough tents to house all your guests. Be sure to include a foot-wiping station at the doorways so you keep your dance floor pristine. In rain, give your guests umbrellas. If it’s hot, make sure you have fans in place and offer people handheld paper fans for cooling.

Vendor problems. Make sure you are ready to handle your vendors by keeping their contracts nearby. Place them in a binder and assign it to a family member for safe keeping. If a problem arises, you’ll have easy access to the terms of the contract and can settle the situation without incident. You’ll also want to be certain you’re clear on vendor payments as well.

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