Ready for marriage?

Are you ready for marriage? 10 Signs you aren’t (and 10 you are)

Make sure you are 100% ready before you walk down the aisle!
Aug. 30, 2013 | By: The staff

Marriage is serious business. Before you take the walk down the aisle, be sure that you and your beloved are ready for the challenge.

You’re Ready For Marriage If:

  • You no longer feel the need to date anyone else. You’ve sewed your wild oats and now you can settle down.
  • You are very compatible. You’ve proven that you can get along together through a number of different trials.
  • You’ve been dating for a long time. Longevity means a lot. Before you get married make sure you can go the distance.
  • You appreciate each other. You won’t get far if you take each other for granted.
  • You are able to compromise. Marriage takes work and both of you need to be able to give in once in a while.
  • You made it through the initial lust stage. Your infatuation has grown into true love.
  • You like each other’s families. It’s important to be able to spend time with each other’s relatives.
  • You agree on personal values. If you don’t you’re not on the same path.
  • You can picture growing old together. You appreciate the little things.
  • You like each other. Yes, you love each other, but you also enjoy being together.

You’re Not Ready for Marriage If:

  • You don’t trust each other. Trust is a necessary part of every marriage.
  • You are more excited about getting married than being married. You can get caught up in planning the wedding and forget that you will be married when it’s all over.
  • You haven’t been dating very long. Spend some time to get to really know each other.
  • Your values aren’t the same. This can lead to discord at every turn.
  • You feel pressure to get married. Don’t let others steer you into marriage if you’re not ready, no matter the circumstances.
  • You don’t know how to argue. Every couple argues from time to time. If you can’t settle arguments you won’t be able to grow as a couple.
  • You’re not sexually compatible. You certainly want a partner you are physically compatible with.
  • You have addiction problems. If one of you has addiction problems they should be resolved before you say “I do”.
  • You’re not ready to settle down. When your eyes are still wandering, you’re not yet ready to commit to one person.
  • You can’t see yourself married with children. Marriage is a big responsibility. You may not be ready to handle this type of responsibility in your life.

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