Don't have a Boring Wedding

No more boring weddings! 10 Ways to make sure your wedding isn’t dull

We’ve all been to them and we’ve all tried to leave early – the boring wedding isn’t something anyone wants to be part of.
Aug. 16, 2013 | By: The staff

When you’re planning your big day one thing you certainly want to consider is how to make your wedding exciting and interesting for your guests (and for you). Avoid a boring wedding with these top 10 tips.

Photo booth – Trendy and fun, a photo booth is a great way to keep a wedding from being boring. People can go in and out of the booth throughout the evening to keep it fun and exciting.

Keep things Moving – Nothing is more boring than a slow-moving wedding. Plan your wedding reception so that there are always things happening. Include plenty of events for all your guests – first dance, cake cutting, candy table, group dances, etc.

Fun DJ – One of the most important decisions (yet the most underrated) is the choice of DJs. When you pick a fun, outgoing, energetic, DJ you can be assured that the party goers will continue to have an enjoyable time throughout the evening.

Great music – Don’t leave the music selection to your DJ. The bride and groom should supply a list of music that they want to make sure is played at the reception. This ensures that there is something for everyone and that the music won’t put everyone to sleep.

Minimize Toasts – Face it, speeches can be very boring. Eliminate long toasts by allotting only a few minutes per person – and keep the number of speeches short as well. (Use an egg timer and tell speech makers they can’t go over).

Mix up Guests – Make sure that you have plenty of young people at your wedding. This helps to keep the party more lively. Seat guests together that have things in common so they will want to talk and join in.

Choose a Fun Venue – Skip the boring reception hall and hold your wedding at a more fun place. Think about having your reception at a hotel, a museum, or a park. Your guests will have plenty to see and explore so they won’t get bored.

Use Disposable Cameras – They may seem outdated to some, but disposable cameras are a great way to add more fun and excitement to your wedding. Place a few on each table at your reception.

Signature Drink – Create a signature drink and give it a fun name. Serve it in a special glass and provide recipe cards for people to take home. This gets people talking and gives them something to start the conversation.

Choreographed Dance – Learn a choreographed first dance and include your bridal party if you like. Then, perform the dance for guests – it will be the talk of the wedding and starts off the reception on a high note.

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