Siganture Drinks

Yummy summer signature cocktail recipes

A signature cocktail is a drink that you create, name, and serve exclusively at your wedding reception.
Jun 27, 2014 | By: The staff

One of the hottest wedding trends is the signature cocktail. The drink should be easy to make and if possible can be presented in pitchers making it easy to serve. Give the drink a fun name that has special meaning to you as a couple. If you like you can even make recipe cards to hand out to guests so they can make the signature drink at home. Choose a tasty, pretty, concoction and be sure that the bartender knows about it and can make it easily. Here are some fun summer signature cocktail ideas to get you started.

Mango Daiquiri
Mango is a popular flavour so why not combine it with one of the most requested drinks? A mango daiquiri is not only delicious but also very pretty. Add a strawberry for garnish to give it a very tropical appearance. You can serve either a blended or frozen drink depending on your preference. Make them by the pitcher and serve them in tall daiquiri glasses. 

Lime and Coconut Gimlet
Put the lime in the coconut and drink them both together – a very refreshing drink that is perfect for cooling off in hot weather. Add in a slice of lime for garnish and the drink is both pretty and tasty. Stack up the limes in several big bowls at the bar to create an interesting display. A classic gimlet uses gin.

Margaritas are the quintessential summer apertif. Make it your own by creating a special margarita with the fruit of your choice. You can make it with almost any fruit so choose one that not only tastes good but also matches your wedding decor. Some good choices include mango, pomegranate, and strawberry but any fruit will work. Be sure to serve with some salt or sugar around the rim of the glass.

Dirty Martini
Martinis are sophisticated drinks. A martini is called “dirty” when it has a splash of olive brine. A dirty martini is perfect for a wedding drink. Add a pickle spear to make it a pickled dirty martini. You can also add an olive as garnish.

Peach Sweet Tea Punch
A sweet drink, the peach sweet tea punch is made using iced tea as a base and adding peach nectar, lemon juice, and bourbon. You can add some fresh sliced peaches to the pitcher to make it look very fresh and appealing.

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