Romantic Proposals

15 Romantic and creative ways to propose

Thinking of proposing? Here are some sweet ways to do it.
Jul 12, 2013 | By: The staff

1. Romantic Dessert – Take your honey out for a special dinner. Before you arrive, arrange the proposal with the restaurant. Have them place the ring, in its box, on the dessert tray. When they open the tray to display the dessert choice, pop the question.

2. Champaign Toast – Place the ring in the bottom of a Champaign flute. When you are ready to toast, pop the question and show her the ring.

3. Personalized Fortune Cookie – You can do this at home or at a restaurant. After dinner, offer the special cookie with your own proposal inside. When she opens it up, bring out the ring and complete the proposal.

4. Friends – If you have a large group of friends or family consider proposing at a gathering. Give each person a sheet of paper with a large letter on it – together they spell “Will you marry me?”.

5. Video Proposal – Make a video of your proposal and then wait for a special time to have her view it.

6. Web Page – Create a web page or blog where you can post the question. You can get as creative as possible. Then, have her view the page when you’re ready – stand by and present the ring.

7. Movie Night – Make a video of your proposal. Then, make arrangements with the local movie theatre to play the video at an arranged time before a movie.

8. Scavenger Hunt – Get creative and set up a fun scavenger hunt. Give her a clue that leads to another clue and another and so on until she reaches the spot where she finds the ring box!

9. Rose Petals – One of the most romantic proposals involves flowers. Make a trail of rose petals through the house ending at the spot where you will propose. Have a bottle of Champaign ready to celebrate.

10. Romantic Vacation – Take her on a wonderful vacation and plan the proposal in the most romantic spot possible (think about the top of the Eiffel Tower).

11. Beach Romance – Plan a fun stroll on the beach with a twist. Before you arrive have a friend bury the ring box in the sand with a heart around it. Write your proposal in the sand. (Have your friend keep an eye on the ring until you arrive).

12. Intimate Picnic – Ask your sweetheart to go on a picnic. Bring a basket with food and include a small package – have your girlfriend find the package and open it, then pop the question.

13. Pet Perfect – Choose a cute kitten or puppy as a gift for your girlfriend. Place a small ribbon around his neck that holds the engagement ring. Propose as soon as she finds the ring.

14. Love Poem – Write a special love poem just for her. Then put it on a note and place it where she will find it. As she reads it, surprise her by getting down on one knee and proposing.

15. Candle Surprise – What better way to make a romantic proposal than with candles? Buy a bunch of small candles and place them all over the house (be sure to be safe) Light all the candles just before she walks in the door and surprise her with the proposal.

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