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Five tips for choosing the perfect bridal fragrance for your big day
Jan. 31, 2011 | By:

More than likely, you've spent time planning just about every part of your bridal wear for the big day. While you probably have the perfect dress, gorgeous shoes, and awesome accessories, you don't want to forget about a bridal fragrance for your wedding. When choosing a fragrance, you definitely want it to be something that is extra special. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Tip #1 – Make it something special and different

When choosing this part of your bridal wear, go with something that is special and different. Maybe you have a scent that you wear regularly. Consider going with something else for the wedding. This way you'll always think of your wedding when you wear the fragrance.

Tip #2 – Ensure the perfume is complementary

Another great tip to remember is to ensure the perfume is complimentary. If you are going to be carrying real flowers in your wedding, you don't want a scent that will clash with the smell of the flowers. Consider a fragrance that includes beautiful floral scents so that you have something that will go along with the smell of your bouquet.

Tip #3 – Go with fragrances that have lotions and shower gels too

If you really want to make your fragrance stand out, why not go with something that has matching lotions and shower gels as well. This allows you to layer the scent so you get an effect that will last through the entire day of your wedding.

Tip #4 – Check out samples

As you are looking for the perfect bridal fragrance to go with the rest of your bridal wear, make sure you check out some samples. Many stores offer sample sprays. Carry them with you for awhile and make sure you don't get a scent that ends up giving you a headache, which would be disastrous on your wedding day.

Tip #5 – Try it on your skin

Of course, there is a difference between how a fragrance smells on a cardboard tester and how it will smell on your skin. Try out the perfume on your skin to make sure you still like the smell.
With these tips, choosing the perfect bridal fragrance becomes a lot easier. Remember, your perfume is an important part of your bridal wear, so make sure you spend some time making the right decision so you smell amazing on the big day.

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