Summer Bride Hair Ideas

Summer wedding hair trends

Things to keep in mind when choosing your summer wedding hairstyle.
Jun 26, 2013 | By: The staff

You’re planning a summer wedding and one of the many things you’ll need to think about is how to style your hair. Summers can be hot and humid so keep this in mind when you pick a style. You’ll already be under stress so you’ll want to choose a style that keeps your hair off of your face and neck. Keeping your hair away from your face will ensure that you are able to keep air flowing around your head to keep your cool. Choose a style that will not only look good with your facial features but also with the flow and style of the wedding gown.

There are a few summer wedding hair trends to consider.

Side Pony Tail
A side-swept hairdo can be secured with a loose ponytail to the side of the head. This is a trendy style and one that gives a soft, feminine look. You can enhance the style by adding some flowers or barrettes that coordinate with your dress.

Updated Up-do
An updated up-do is a way to hold all of your hair up and away from your neck. The style can be held in place with bobby pins or clips that can be hidden under the hair. Today’s up-dos are usually loose and allow some hair to fall gently away from them. In other words, the style has a slightly messy look to it.

Perfect Bun
Buns are back in style. A summer wedding calls for keeping your hair neatly away from your face and neck. A tight bun will do the trick and present a very traditional yet womanly appearance. Apply hairspray to stray hairs to keep the style looking perfect all day and night.

A smooth ponytail gets a trendy update by using a hair bump. The bump is used to create more interest in the top of the hair so that the pony is more regal looking. With a pony in place you can then use pretty hair accessories to make the look more elegant.

Soft Curls
Curls are back in style! If you like curls, why not wear your hair in curls for your big day? If you have thin hair or live in a humid location you’ll want to think about how well your hair will hold curls throughout the day. Pull back part of your curls in a partial ponytail to keep your hair away from your face.

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