DIY wedding decor

DIY ceremony decor

Ceremony decor is one of the things you’ll need to prepare as part of the wedding planning process.
Jun 3, 2013 | By: The staff

Ceremony decor can be as extreme as you want it to be. Before planning the wedding venue decor you’ll need to check with the church or venue to find out about any restrictions. Usually there will be a list of rules that must be followed regarding the use of the church. You’ll usually be allowed to arrive early or sometimes the day before the wedding to set up the decorations. You will also need to find out when the decor can be removed. It’s also important to ask which door is best for deliveries such as flowers or balloons. If you have any special decor it is best to ask about them before you make a purchase.

Ceremony flowers - Most churches have a list of what floral arrangements are allowed and where they can be placed. Check with the church before making any flower orders. Typically several large floor arrangements are placed at the alter area of the church.

Aisle runner – You’ll need to order an aisle runner for the church. The church should provide you with the measurements necessary for the runner. The runner is usually rented and is delivered directly to the church at a specified time.

Pew markers – The front pews are designated for close family members and are usually cordoned off with a ribbon. Additionally, many of the front pews can be decorated with large bows or with a combination of flowers, bows, and ribbons.

Floral arches or gazebos (or chuppah) – A floral arch is a wonderful addition to the church decor. You can choose from a wide variety of options ranging from small to large. Again, you’ll need to verify the rules of the church before placing an order and always take appropriate measurements.

Balloon arches – You can order a balloon arch or create your own if you like. To make a balloon arch you need to blow up balloons and attach them to a wire frame. Use balloons in your wedding colours.

Wreath on front door – A wreath is a very welcoming sign. Create a wreath to hand on the entry door of the church. Make a sign with the couple’s name on it and add it to the middle of the wreath.

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