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Tuxedo shopping 101

There are some important things to know before you begin shopping for the tux.
May 29, 2013 | By: The staff

Shopping for a tuxedo can be a daunting experience, especially for those with no previous experience with men’s formal wear. The tuxedo is the most popular choice for men’s wedding attire. There are some important things to know before you begin shopping for the tux.

Formal Menswear
There are several main categories that most suits and tuxedos fall into. These include black tie, white tie, and a classic suit. White tie is the most formal of all formal wear and is reserved for the most traditional and extravagant of parties. Black tie is the typical standard of many weddings. Classic suits are often worn to less formal weddings.

There are various style tuxedo jackets. The choice should be based on style as well as on how formal the wedding will be and the time of day the wedding will take place. There are usually several choices that are appropriate for the day and time of the wedding. You can choose between the styles to find the one that looks best and is most comfortable.

  • Single-breasted tuxedo – This is the classic style that has a slimming look.
  • Double-breasted tuxedo – Can be worn with a vest or cummerbund and is always worn closed.
  • Stroller – This jacket has a single button in the front and tapers long in the back.
  • Morning coat – Also called a cutaway, this jacket is popular for less formal, daytime weddings.
  • Full-dress tails – Also known simply as “tails”, this jacket is worn for formal evening weddings.

Shirts and Pants
A tuxedo shirt is a white shirt (usually) and has pleats or a bib area in the front. Always try on the shirt with the jacket to ensure that it looks good together. The collar may be either a winged or turned down style. A winged collar is high and pointed and is a good choice for wearing with a bowtie. A traditional tuxedo pant has a satin stripe down the side. The pants should be tailored in length properly so that there is no cuff at the bottom. The length should just touch the top of the shoe.

Cummerbund or Vest
A cummerbund is a traditional choice with formal tuxedos and is always worn with the pleated side up. The cummerbund covers the waistband of the pants and should match the tie. A vest, also called a waistcoat, matches the dinner jacket. Grooms will wear either a cummerbund or a vest but not both.

There are three main types of ties to choose from including a four-in-hand tie (standard necktie), bow tie, and ascot. Of these, the bow tie is the most formal and is typically worn with tuxedos. The standard necktie works well with a classic suit. Ties may match the jacket or shirt.

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