Bride shoes

Tips for choosing your wedding shoes

While your wedding gown is your primary concern, once you’ve chosen it you still need to choose the shoes.
May 22, 2013 | By: The staff

There are some important tips for choosing the best shoes for your big day.

Heel Size – Brides want to be elegant at their wedding but keep in mind the best heel height for your day. You want to make sure that you don’t tower over your groom so keep that in mind when you pick your shoes. If you’re short, you may want to add some height with a higher heel. Remember, the higher the heel the more uncomfortable your shoes will be so shorter is often better.

Comfort – The main concern for wedding shoes should be comfort. You will be wearing your shoes for many hours so they need to be comfortable. Make sure they don’t pinch your toes and the width doesn’t hurt the sides of your feet. Your toes shouldn’t be squished into the shoes or you’ll suffer from numb feet.

Colour – Choose a neutral colour shoe that matches your gown. If you have an ivory dress a bright white shoe will be too noticeable. You can get dye-able shoes at most local shoe stores or online. These can be worn as is or dyed to a specific colour.

Style – Keep your wedding shoes simple. They likely won’t be seen very much since they’ll be well hidden under your dress. A simple shoe goes with any style dress and you’ll be able to wear them again later on.

Size – Keep in mind that your feet may be slightly larger than usual on your wedding day. Heat, stress, and hours on your feet will all contribute to fatter feet. Think about choosing a slightly larger width than usual and you may want to go ½ size bigger than your usual shoe size.

Backup – Many brides end up taking off their shoes part way through the reception. They end up running around barefoot or in stocking feet. Be prepared for this possibility by getting a pair of soft slipper type shoes (ballet style) to wear when you remove your shoes. They can be found in a large selection of colours and styles and some even have sequins. Keep your backup shoes on hand (give them to a friend to hold in their car) for when you need them.

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