Wedding nail ideas

Creative wedding nail ideas

Wedding day nails with a little more pizzazz.
May 15, 2013 | By: The staff

As the bride, you don’t want your nails to take centre stage on your wedding day – but you do want them to be beautiful. Many women choose to wear a simple coat of neutral nail polish or have a French manicure done. If you want a little more pizzazz and want to make your nails look stunning, consider some of these creative wedding nail ideas.

Adorned Nails - they are a big trend for weddings and other special events. Nails are painted with a pale colour first. Then, tiny white or silver balls are glued in place on the nails to form designs or patterns. You can choose sparkly balls for a bright look.

Soft Colours with patterns – try this pretty option if you want a soft looking nail with subtle designs. Patterns can be painted freestyle or you can find a lots of different designs that can be applied directly to the nails. Use white designs on top of pink or coral polish (or any colour that you prefer). If you like, you can even use two different colours to make the design really stand out.

Sparkles – Glitter or sequins make very pretty nail designs. Use them sparingly so they don’t overpower your look. A very fresh look is to apply very fine glitter to either the tips of nails or to the bottom of nails, near the nail bed. Have your nails done on the morning of your wedding day so the look will last throughout the day and night.

Different Colours – A new trend is to polish different nails with different colours – they don’t all need to match. Try polishing one nail on each hand with silver or gold polish. One pretty look is to paint the ring finger nail with special glitter polish to make sure it stands out from the rest of your hand.

Reverse French Manicure – If you like to be a little bit different, why not try a reverse French manicure? In this design, the tips of the nails are painted the darker colour and the bottoms, near the nail bed, are white. It makes a very interesting look!

Ombre – The Ombre look is a hot trend in everything from fashion to hair. Try an ombre manicure for your wedding. To create the Ombre look on your nails use several colours in the same hue and paint each nail going from light to dark. Another way to use the look is to paint each nail a slightly different colour going from dark to light.

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