Get in shape for wedding

How to stay on track with your fitness routine and get in shape for your wedding

Sticking to a fitness routine can be difficult with all the planning and activities prior to your wedding.
May 1, 2013 | By: The staff

Most brides-to-be are hoping to get or stay in shape before their wedding. Getting (and staying) into a fitness routine can be difficult and with all the planning and activities prior to your wedding, keeping up with your fitness schedule can be hard. Here are some tips for how to stay on track with your fitness routine to get in shape for your big day.

Join a Gym – A fitness membership will help you by getting you to the gym for regular classes. Choose a gym that’s close by and one that has extended hours so you’ll be more likely to attend.

The Buddy System – Find a friend who has similar fitness goals and pair up. Spend time walking, jogging, or going to the gym together. You’ll be more likely to keep up your routine when you have someone to workout with.

Take a Class – Sign up for an exercise class through your local recreation or parks department or school. Classes force you to think about fitness, at least once a week.

Personal Trainer – A personal trainer will help you decide on fitness goals and make a plan towards reaching them. You can often find a personal trainer through a local gym – you’ll soon be on track to a healthier, fit physique.

DVD’s – Gather some fitness DVD’s and get started on your own home-based routine. You’ll be more apt to follow a daily exercise routine if you are able to take part in it in the comfort of your house.

Change it Up – Sometimes people give up on exercise routines when they become too boring. Create your own varied fitness plan by choosing several routines that you enjoy. For example, walk on one day, do yoga on another, and visit the gym the next day.

Use an App – There are plenty of fitness and exercise apps available for your smart phone. They will help you keep track of your completed routines and give you incentive to stay on your fitness track.

Bride and Groom – Do you both need to get in shape? If so, plan a routine that you can do together, at least part of the time. Together you’ll be able to have fun reaching your fitness goals.

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