Summer Wedding

10 Planning tips for a summer bride

A summer wedding is often the top choice among many brides, but it can come with some potential problems as well.
Jun 2, 2014 | By: The staff

Planning any wedding is a big undertaking. When planning a summer wedding there are some important things that you’ll need to keep in mind. A summer wedding is often the top choice among many brides, but it can come with some potential problems as well. Keep these 10 tips in mind to make your summer wedding the best it can be.

Rain – Summer rain can be very common and a summer shower can come up quickly and often without warning. To avoid problems caused by rain, make sure that you have plans in place so that unexpected rain won’t hamper your celebration.

Flowers – Summer is a great time to utilize fresh flowers. To keep expenses down, find out what the common local flowers are for your summer wedding and plan your wedding around these blooms.

Venue – An outdoor wedding can be a wonderful experience – but only if you plan properly. Be sure to have plenty of shade (tents) and a place for people to go to get out of the rain, should that occur.

Keep cool – Heat is a common problem for summer weddings. If the church is not air conditioned (many are hot even with air conditioning) provide fans for your guests to help stave off the heat.

Colours – A summer wedding should utilize the great colours of summer. Think bright flowers or pastel hues that make you think of bright summer days.

Theme – A summer wedding lets you pull off bold, fun themes. A fun beach theme and a Caribbean theme are choices that help you take advantage of the hot, sunny weather.

Hair – Hot, humid weather in the summer can cause your hair to go wild – especially after a long day outdoors. To avoid having a frizzy hairdo, choose a style that is sleek and pulled back. Keep the hair off your neck to help you keep cool.

Summer styles – Summer can be very hot so choose your wedding attire accordingly. Opt for a sleeveless or short sleeve gown and don’t wear long sleeves, even if they are made of lace. Choose fabrics that are cool rather than those that trap in the heat.

Emergency kit – Keep an emergency kit handy to take care of anything that may come up. Stock it with safety pins, makeup wipes, aspirin, tape, gum, bobby pins, hair bands, band aids, makeup, baby powder, hair spray, and plastic bags. Also, get a few cool packs and keep them on hand to give you (or your guests) a quick way to cool off.

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