Modern wedding ideas

Modern spins on traditional wedding customs

You’re in charge of your own wedding so put your own modern twist on it.
May 20, 2013 | By: The staff

There are many traditional wedding customs, and let’s face it – some of them are a little outdated. There is no reason to keep all of these traditions if you don’t want them. You’re in charge of your own wedding so put your own modern twist on it. Keep the traditions you want and change them up to make them fresh and new. You can even start your own new tradition. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Dance down the aisle – The latest trend to hit the wedding ceremony is the wedding march dance. Instead of walking down the aisle quietly to the traditional wedding march, think about a choreographed dance down the aisle for you and your wedding party. This would be a fun start to a fresh and exciting wedding celebration

Slide show – Entertain your guests with a fantastic slide show. Include photos of you both as children and throughout your lives as you met and fell in love. Put the entire show to music and have it playing on a continuous loop throughout the cocktail hour.

Skip the cake cutting – This is one tradition that many couples are choosing to forego. If you get rid of the cake cutting you have more options available to you such as displaying a fake cake. You’ll save money, too!

Bouquet toss – This is a rather outdated custom and one that many people just don’t like to participate in. You won’t need to purchase an extra bouquet and your guests will be happy they don’t have to be singled out.

Choreographed first dance – Many couples are choosing to have a choreographed first dance to a fun and cool song. Of course, you’ll need to have plenty of practice to pull this off so you’ll need to get an early start.

Signature cocktail – A new trend and one that is quickly becoming a tradition, is to provide your very own signature drink. Give it a fun name and make sure it is pretty enough to be displayed. You can even have a table set up with glasses and include recipe cards for guests to take so they can make it at home.

Stay until the end – You’re throwing the best party of your life, why not stay until the end and enjoy it? More and more couples are doing just that. You don’t need to make a big production out of your reception exit. Instead, stay to enjoy every minute of the celebration.

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