Mother of the bride jobs

What’s a mother to do? Mother-of-the-bride duties

What exactly should a mother’s duties be before and during the wedding?
May 6, 2013 | By: The staff

Your mother is probably one of your best friends and wants to be helpful in planning your wedding. In fact, many moms probably wouldn’t mind taking over the entire planning process. But what exactly should a mother’s duties be before and during the wedding? There is nothing cast in stone. What a mother must do versus what she may want to do are two separate things. One thing is for sure – your mom wants to be included as much as possible in both the preparation and on the wedding day itself.

If your mother tends to take over (and you don’t want her to) the best way to handle it is to ask her to help with specific items. You’ll need to get organized so you can hand out tasks to your mom and anyone else who wants to help out. If you have a step-mother, she may also want to be involved. You can, and should, involve her as well, so that everyone feels part of the process.

If you’re a mother and are wondering what your responsibilities are, they are listed here. Keep in mind that there are actually very few things that a mother must do, but many that a mother can do. Often the mother has more time available to assist with actual planning duties so this can be a welcome blessing. Always coordinate tasks and remember that the bride is the ultimate decision-maker.

  • Help look at wedding reception and church venues
  • Assist with wedding planning activities
  • Act as the contact for wedding vendors
  • Assist with choosing the wedding gown
  • Coordinate with groom’s family regarding guest lists and invitations
  • Help choose which traditions to use in your wedding and reception
  • Coordinate with groom’s mother about attire
  • Attend wedding showers and rehearsal dinner
  • Walk the bride down the aisle (with dad, if you like)
  • Stand in the receiving line
  • Sit at the parent’s table at the reception
  • Dance with your father during first dance
  • Be available to assist with anything you need

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