wow your wedding guests

15 Ways to wow your guests

How to make your wedding day memorable for all the right reasons.
Apr. 19, 2013 | By: The staff

Your wedding is the most important day in your life so you’ll want to make sure that it’s a memorable one for your guests. Here are 15 new ways to wow your guests at your wedding.

1. Unique wedding vows – Write your own vows that wow. Publish them on handouts or in the program.

2. Funky wedding dance (choreographed) – Practice makes perfect. Choose a professionally choreographed wedding dance and practice it ahead of time.

3. Perfect decorations – Avoid tired, old decorations. Instead, choose new, bright, fresh looks that have an artsy edge.

4. Interesting theme – Pick an interesting theme for your wedding and then stick to it throughout the ceremony and reception.

5. Cool wedding cake – Opt for a modern take on the traditional wedding cake. Another idea is to choose cupcakes or cake pops.

6. Interesting favours – Find interesting favours that are new and exciting. Make them at home with your family or bridesmaids.

7. Fun seating cards – Seating cards can get creative. Try a new and more interesting approach such as naming the tables with old movies, types of flowers, or artists.

8. Creative table decor – Think about distinctive table decor. One new idea is to put live goldfish in stacked bowls on the tables. Get wild and creative!

9. Updated ceremony – You don’t need to have the same old stodgy ceremony. Instead, help to develop a more unique ceremony that is custom tailored to the two of you.

10. Programs with pizzazz – Create fun programs to hand out at the service. Look online to get ideas, many of which are very inexpensive to make.

11. Fresh colour combinations – Forget about picking just one wedding colour. Instead, think about using two or more colours – include some hues that may not normally be seen together for a new look.

12. New music to walk down the aisle – You don’t need to use the standard wedding march. Choose a new and more interesting song that will have everyone talking about your cool wedding.

13. Church altar decor – Add some interest to the front of the church by using some exciting decorations. Think about balloons or even bring in a decorative pergola.

14. Rice tossing table – Set up a small table outside the church. Instead of rice, supply packets filled with eco-friendly options such as bird seed.

15. Church lemonade stand – Create a lemonade (or soda) stand at the church. Attendees can get a quick cooler after the ceremony – a fun and friendly idea.

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