Wedding lingerie for you body type

Choose the right lingerie for your body type

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding lingerie for your big day!
Apr. 10, 2013 | By: The staff

Choosing the right type of lingerie for your body type will flatter your figure and give you a sexy look no matter your size or shape. Here are some tips for picking the right type of lingerie for your body style.

Petite – Choose lingerie that is soft and feminine. Because you’re small in size you can easily wear puffy or frilly styles. Take advantage of this by wearing sexy, feminine styles that have layers of lace and tulle. You can wear bright colours that add more stature to your size without overpowering you. Also, take advantage of wearing more full coverage styles that use sheer fabrics that help add height and curves to a petite figure.

Tall – If you’re tall you can often appear too masculine. Add some curves to your figure with flattering shapes. Try wearing a fancy bra with a deep plunge along with high top panties. You’ll also look great with a sheer top that covers the mid section such as a baby doll style. Wear colours that keep the eye drawn to the middle of your body.

Full figured – If you’re full figured it’s best to wear garments that fit properly. Hold everything in its proper place with a demi bra and be sure that it has underwire. Choose a minimizer bra that offers coverage while still having some sexy lace trim.

Large tummy – If you have a tummy bulge you can easily camouflage it with the right lingerie. To cover your midriff, choose a two-piece with a baby doll top to hang loosely. Choose a sheer fabric that hides the middle section while still being sexy. Draw attention away from your mid section by opting for a top that has lace or frills near the bust. Another way to cover the tummy is by wearing high rise panties. Choose panties that have lycra to effectively pull in any extra bulges. Another good option is a boy short style panty that is shorter in the back than the front.

Thin – A boyish figure can be made to look sexy with the right lingerie. Choose a bra style top that adds more curves. Look for a padded style that pushes and supports to create a more feminine look. Purchase lingerie with lace and bows that gives a very womanly appearance. Add some curves to your lower body by opting for lace panties with a vee-cut and a low rise. This helps to make your figure look shapelier. 

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