Wedding Registry Tips

Top wedding registry do’s and don’ts

There are some guidelines to making sure the wedding registry is a helpful tool rather than an annoyance.
Mar. 22, 2013 | By: The staff

Every bride and groom register for gifts – in fact, it’s a convenient way to get the gifts you really want while avoiding too many duplicates. A wedding registry lets guests pick out something that they know you’ll really want and enjoy, rather than taking a risk on something else. There are some guidelines to making sure the wedding registry is a helpful tool rather than an annoyance.

Do start registering before you send out the wedding invitations. A good rule of thumb is to register about three months before your wedding (or sooner if you can).

Don’t limit the gifts. Some couples think that if they make a very small list of items they will be sure to receive everything on their list. Actually, the opposite is true. Guests want to have a large range of gift options to pick from so the gift they give reflects their own personal gift-giving style.

Do register at a wide variety of stores. You may think that by registering at just a couple of stores you’ll receive all the items you want. Instead, you may simply be pushing people into going “off the grid” and forcing them to buy something that’s not on the list.

Do ask your mother or close friend to keep track of the registry lists. Many people let the mother in on the gift they purchased. If it wasn’t yet taken off the list your mom can make the list is updated to reflect the change.

Do register at online stores. These days many people shop online and shopping for weddings online is no exception. Include at least a couple of choices for those who prefer shopping through the Internet.

Don’t forget to visit the store to make your registry selections. Department stores often have bridal consultants to assist in shopping and choosing items for your registry. It’s a good idea to see the items in person when making these choices.

Do choose items in a large range of price points. Keep in mind that some people (your favourite aunt, for example) will spend a lot of money on your gift while others (such as work acquaintances) have a lower budget in mind.

Do print out a list of your registry items for review and provide a copy to both mothers for easy reference.

Do make a list of where you’re registered as well as the name under which the registration is made. Try to standardize the name so everyone can find your registry more easily.

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