Memorable ways to leave your wedding

10 Cool and creative ways to exit your wedding

Make it a fun and interesting choice by coming up with a unique exit strategy.
Mar. 15, 2013 | By: The staff

Leaving the wedding, whether it’s the ceremony or reception, leaves a memory on both you and your guests. Make it a fun and interesting choice by coming up with a unique exit strategy. Here are ten cool and creative ways to exit your wedding – use one of these or think about your own exit option.

Horse-drawn carriage – A traditional and sophisticated way to exit your wedding. The carriage can be decorated with a “just married” sign on the back.

Vintage car – Drive off from the reception in a cool vintage auto. You can borrow one from a friend or even rent one for the occasion. Tie some traditional tin cans to the back to make a really fun exit.

Rickshaw – If horses aren’t allowed in your area, consider using a rickshaw or pedal bike getaway. A small carriage is attached to a bicycle, which will whisk you away from your wedding.

Paper confetti – Hand out paper cones filled with confetti and paper swirls. As you leave the church everyone can throw the confetti, leaving you running through a fun and colourful drizzle of paper rain. (Check with your church to make sure that this is allowed).

Sparklers – For evening departures, sparklers are an exciting way for a send-off. Have guests form a line and light their sparklers so you can run through. Be sure to have your photographer ready for this spectacular shot.

Golf Cart – Hop onto the back of a decorated golf cart to make a fast and interesting getaway after the wedding. Decorate the cart and have a friend or family member drive you away.

Swim or Row away – If your wedding is beachside or near a lake or pond, consider swimming or hopping into a boat and paddling away. Of course, you’ll need to be ready to come back to land so be sure to plan this one out.

Bubbles – If your venue doesn’t allow confetti, consider bubbles instead. Have all your guests blow bubbles (available from wedding supply stores) as you exit.

Umbrellas – Pass out inexpensive, colourful umbrellas (paper ones work best). Have guests open them to create an arch that you can run through as you exit the wedding.

Do what you love – Do the two of you have a hobby you like to do together? If so, turn it into a creative way to exit the wedding. For example, if you like to ride motorcycles, decorate your bikes and use them for your exit.

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