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Top 10 most important wedding attire questions

Review these important questions before you begin your shopping experience.
Mar. 27, 2013 | By: The staff

All too many brides go shopping for wedding attire as soon as they get engaged. While you’re excited about your upcoming event, you should take some time to review these important attire questions before you begin your shopping experience.

1. What is the wedding season? You certainly want to choose wedding attire that’s well-suited to the time of year. Don’t end up with bridesmaids who are shivering because their gowns are too bare for the weather.

2. What colour is your wedding going to be? You’ll want to choose a colour scheme before making any attire choices. It is best to choose a primary colour as well as any additional accent colours.

3. Do you want a themed wedding? If so, you’ll have a natural input into the fashions. If you’re unsure about choosing a themed wedding you should wait to pick any of the wedding attire.

4. Who are your bridesmaids? If you have any plus-size bridesmaids be sure to choose styles that look good on any figure. You may also want to think about picking different style bridesmaid dresses in the same colour.

5. What colours look best on your bridesmaids? The colouring of your bridesmaids will help you choose a colour for their dresses. You will want their input into the colours they prefer.

6. Will the event be formal or informal? A beach wedding calls for different attire than a formal church wedding. The length of the wedding gown and bridal gowns will vary depending on how formal the event.

7. Do you want a white gown, off-white gown, or coloured gown? Light pastels are becoming more popular. Think about the overall look you want your wedding to have before picking the colour of your gown.

8. What time of day will the wedding be held? A mid-day wedding is less formal than an evening wedding. Consider how formal you want your wedding to be and use that as your guideline when choosing wedding attire.

9. How large will the bridal party be? A large bridal party can be more difficult to outfit because there are many different people to think about. If you have a large group you need to think about colours, sizes, shapes, and price before making a decision.

10. How much time do you have available to shop? It’s important that you work backwards from your wedding date to determine the drop dead ordering date.

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