Wedding Accessories

DIY wedding accessories

Creating your own items is a great way to add more of your own personality to your wedding.
Mar. 20, 2013 | By: The staff

Have you thought about making your own wedding accessories? Creating your own wedding items is a great way to add more of your own personality to your wedding and you can save money at the same time. There are many things you can make yourself but it’s important to keep in mind that you need to allow plenty of time to complete the pieces before the wedding. If you’re making several items you can get volunteer help from friends, family members, or bridesmaids.

Wedding Veil – The wedding veil is a very simple thing to make and you can create a very personal and meaningful keepsake. There are simple patterns to use and you can choose lace of your choice to make the veil match the look of your bridal gown.

Hair Clips – Think about making matching hair clips for your bridesmaids. The clips can be as fancy as you like and may include flowers, lace, ribbons, or feathers. Hair accessories are very easy to make and you’ll be able to match them exactly to the dresses for a beautiful look.

Fabric Flowers – Use fabric flowers for centrepieces, bouquets, or decorations. Fabric flowers can look almost real – in fact they can look better than real and they last forever. These can take some time to master but once you do they can be made of beautiful materials and make wonderful and inexpensive alternatives to real flowers.

Ring Bearer’s Pillow – A simple project that can be completed in a few short hours. This is a small pillow you can make using satin and lace scraps. Add a small silk ribbon to tie the rings into place and you’ve got a beautiful and inexpensive pillow.

Centrepieces – These can be very easy to make. Choose a simple design that is fast and simple to set up and you’re done. Have the centrepieces made up ahead of time and designate a friend or family member to transport them to the reception venue when needed.

Wedding Favours – Guests each receive a small token gift at their place setting. What better way to add some of your own flair than to create small wedding favours. These can be made well ahead of time. Ask family members to assist in assembling them and they’ll be completed in a jiffy.

Garter – The bride traditionally wears a garter that the groom removes during the reception. The groom tosses the garter to unmarried men attending the wedding. You can easily sew a beautiful garter using scraps of satin and lace for a cost of just a few dollars.

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