Wedding First Dance

Fun and unusual wedding first dance ideas

There are lots of different ways to plan a more exciting first dance.
Mar. 18, 2013 | By: The staff

The first dance is a traditional part of every wedding reception. Today, however, many couples feel that the first dance is too outdated and are looking for a more interesting option. There are lots of different ways to plan a more exciting first dance. Consider your various options and choose a dance that suits you as a couple. Make it your own in any way possible. If you need to, take some dance lessons to prepare or get a dance studio to choreograph the dance.

Flash Mob – Choose a song and begin the dance. At a pre-determined time in the song, have everyone in the bridal party jump up and join in on a flash mob dance. You’ll have to choreograph it and practice it ahead of time. For the element of surprise, don’t let other people know about it in advance.

Lip-sync – Choose a romantic duet and start the dance by “singing” to each other. As the music continues, stop singing and join together for the first dance – very tender!

Choreographed – We’ve all seen the choreographed wedding version of Dirty Dancing online. Think big like that! Choose a killer song and involve everyone in the wedding party to make a big production number.

Blend Old School and New – Start with a traditional slow dance and morph it into a new remixed version. Add your own dance moves (that you’ve practiced ahead of time) to make it fun and uniquely your own.

Mixed Tape – Can’t decide from the many first dance song choices? Why not create your own mix using the best sections from your favourites? You’ll end up with an eclectic mix that only the two of you have ever used before.

Funky and Fun – Choose a rowdy dance that gets people involved. If you’re not great dancers, this is a perfect option for you. Make the dance simple yet loud to make it a really fun time.

Country – If you both like country music quietly change into cowboy boots before the first dance. Then, dance to a country song. Allow it to change into a two-step and get everyone on the dance floor to participate.

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