Bride's emergency kit

Wedding day must-have emergency kit

Even the most difficult of situations don’t need to put a damper on the events if you are properly prepared.
Feb. 22, 2013 | By: The staff

Every bride hopes that their special day will go smoothly and without any problems. However, from time to time some minor crises may occur. Even the most difficult of situations don’t need to put a damper on the events if you are properly prepared. It’s essential to have a wedding day emergency kit in case of any unexpected difficulties. Ask a friend or your mother to keep the kit nearby in case you need it. The kit is useful for you as well as for everyone in the bridal party.

Small sewing kit – A quick stitch can save the day if you encounter a seam rip.

Tape – Tape can be used to quickly secure a dress hem or to repair any number of bridal gown emergencies.

Makeup wipes – Necessary if your makeup starts to run.

Makeup – Keep small samples of your makeup handy for fast and easy touch-ups throughout the day.

Deodorant – A travel-sized deodorant will keep you dry and protected even when you’re nervous.

Hair spray – A little hair spray can fix almost any type of hair problem you’re having.

Bobby pins – Useful for hair as well as for other things, bobby pins will keep your hair in place, even in wind, rain, or heat.

Safety pins, various sizes – Safety pins are perfect for immediately repairing an endless number of garment problems. Keep a few different sizes on hand so they can be used for many different purposes.

Phone numbers – Bring phone numbers (including cell phone numbers) of all your vendors including florist, baker, caterer, limo, and photographer. If any problem arises you’ll be ready to handle it.

Toothbrush and paste – You’ll want to make sure that you’re always camera-ready.

Cologne spray – You can freshen up your scent throughout the day with a small-sized cologne spray.

Aspirin – Nothing can stop the fun like a headache. Be sure to have some pain reliever on hand in case a sudden headache kicks in.

Cute backpack – Stash everything you need for your emergency kit inside of a fun backpack to keep everything ready in case you need it. Have a friend keep the kit in their car so it’s always nearby.

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