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Stagette idea: A photoshoot

This photoshoot is the perfect way to have a fun time while creating lasting memories.
Feb. 15, 2013 | By: The staff

What better way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with your gal pals than with a fun photo shoot? A stagette party option is to attend a professional photoshoot with your bridesmaids. The photoshoot is the perfect way to have a fun time while creating lasting memories. You can hold the party at a location of your choice with the addition of a photog on site to take professional group pics.

Planning the stagette photoshoot does take some effort in the way of pre-planning. You’ll want to ensure that the venue you choose has space available for the photoshoot to take place. Check with the photographer to find out what is needed. You’ll need to make sure that the location has the proper backdrops, or that the photographer will bring along what’s necessary. You’ll also need to plan what to wear for the photoshoot. You may want to have a sexy photoshoot or simply have everyone dressed in similar colours or styles of clothing (think little black dress).

You’ll also need to coordinate the makeup and preparations for the photoshoot. A great idea is to hire a professional makeup artist who can provide makeup for everyone. This will make sure that everyone looks their best and it’s a fun way to spend the evening. Be sure to let everyone know about the photoshoot as part of the invitation. This will give them time to prepare ahead of the party.

A stagette photoshoot can be part of a fun and exciting party. Be sure to have the photographer and venue in place and then send out invites. You can include all the gals in your wedding party as well as any other friends or family you want to add. Taking the photos makes for an exciting and unique party. If you like you can arrange to have separate boudoir photos taken as well. The group photos will be a wonderful way to include everyone in your wedding. When completed, the photos can be provided for each of the attendees. You’ll also want to post a photo on your wedding website.

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