Swarovski henna

Swarovski henna

Henna Swarovski is a new way to add more sparkle and elegance to the henna designs.
Feb. 20, 2013 | By: The idoo.ca staff

A popular trend that you may be considering for your wedding is the use of temporary henna tattoos. Henna Swarovski is a new way to add more sparkle and elegance to the henna designs. You can actually use Swarovski crystals as part of your tattoo design – they are glued into place using special adhesive. It’s important to use real Swarovski crystals because they don’t melt or break like some of the plastic styles do. They also glisten more to create lasting beauty.

Adding Swarovski crystals to your henna design is something that can be easily done at home. You’ll need to purchase special adhesive along with crystals – these can all be found through a local craft store. You’ll want to have the henna design in place before you secure the crystals.

Once the design is ready you can apply the crystals. Apply a small dab of adhesive to your skin. Then, place the crystal into place. It is helpful to use a small tweezers to hold the crystals as you place them onto the skin. Press down on the crystal for a few minutes while the glue sets. Apply all of the crystals as needed – the process is much easier when you have help.

Swarovski crystals are available in a large variety of sizes and colours. Look at the design on paper to help you choose the colour, size, and placement of the stones. Most designs look best with just a few crystals that are placed throughout the creation. Brides often prefer to use clear (white) crystals because they match the bridal gown. Alternatively, you may want to add some coloured crystals to the tattoo – a good option is to match the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Swarovski henna looks nice and is a unique way to add some creativity to your wedding day look. If you’re using crystals you’ll want to bring extras, as well as the glue and an applicator so that you can quickly and easily replace any that may come off throughout the day.

The idoo.ca staff.