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Table numbers: Creative alternatives

Here are some creative options to consider when choosing a different type of seating plan.
Jul 21, 2014 | By: The staff

Table numbers are essential for every reception yet a standard numbering plan is simply boring. You can spice up the reception and create a unique frame of reference by using alternatives to numbers. Here are some creative options to consider when choosing a different type of seating plan. Spark your imagination to think of a fun and interesting option.

Songs – List your favourite songs or choose songs that are romantic.

Artists – If you and your groom are art lovers you’ll enjoy using famous artists (and their artwork) for your tables.

Sports teams – A nod to your groom, sports teams can be a fun way to include men in the wedding reception.

Famous Actors – Print small photos of each actor, frame them, and place on each table.

Flowers – Name a table after a famous flower. Use photos of the flowers or match real floral centrepieces to each table.

Movies – Use famous movies for each of the table names, then place a photo of a scene from each movie on the tables. Take it a step further by using only romantic movies.

Wines – If you enjoy wine you may want to name each table after a different type of wine. Follow through by placing an actual bottle of the wine at the table.

Books – Book lovers will like naming tables after famous books. Place a copy of the book on the table to indicate the table name.

Romantic cities – Name each table after a romantic city from around the world (Rome, London, Paris, etc.)

Sports stadiums – Another great idea for sports lovers – name each table after a famous sports stadium.

Years – Take a stroll down memory lane and create tables named after years. Then, decorate the table with memorabilia from that era.

Street Names – Use street names from your town or opt for streets where you and your groom have resided throughout your lives.

Constellations – A star-themed table naming option – a similar theme could be naming tables after the zodiac signs.

Cartoons – Take your favourite cartoons and use them to name your tables. This adds some fun and whimsy to the event.

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