Bachelorette Party Games

Fun bachelorette games

Here are some of the best games to try at your bachelorette party.
Jan. 25, 2013 | By: The staff

Bachelorette parties are a fun way to spend time with the girls before the big day. You’ve got to be imaginative to make the party fun by choosing some great game ideas. Here are some of the best games to try at your bachelorette party. The type of games you choose will depend on where you’re holding the party and who will be in attendance.

Bride and Groom Bingo – Gather facts about the bride and groom and then play bingo. Create bingo cards for each participant. When they get an answer correct they can place an X over that space on their card. The first one to get BINGO wins a prize.

Wine Tasting – Have a wine tasting as part of the party. Everyone has to sip each of the wines and guess which one is which. The one who guesses correctly wins a bottle of that kind of wine. A fun variation of this game can be played with martinis – guess the type of flavoured martini and win a prize for the right guess.

Scavenger Hunt – This bachelorette twist on the traditional scavenger hunt uses items that are only for married couples. Use your imagination and get as naughty as you want to when choosing the items for the hunt. Set up teams ahead of time and give each participant a team tee-shirt to wear for the hunt. Make it fun and interesting!

Trivia Game – Divide the group into teams and then ask questions about the bride and groom. The first person to answer correctly wins a point for their team. This game requires some preparation and needs to be lead by someone who knows the correct answers and can effectively guide the game. The winning team gets a prize.

The Almost-Wed Game – Like the “Newlywed Game”, this puts the bride-to-be in the hot seat. Before the party someone will need to ask the groom a list of questions. At the party, guests take turns asking the questions to the bride. If she gets the answer wrong she has to take a drink!

Pole Dancing – Rent a stripper’s pole and have an expert give a stripping class to everyone. Make sure to let guests know to dress appropriately for this event (wear tank tops and shorts). At the end of the lesson have everyone perform and then vote for the best dancer. Give out a prize for the winner and for the funniest performance as well.

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