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Picking your bridesmaids: Warning signs she’s not ready for the job

Here are some tips for ensuring that the bridesmaids you choose are up for the task.
Jul 25, 2014 | By: The staff

It’s time to choose your bridal party – the bridesmaids who will be with you throughout your wedding and help you make your day special. While some bridesmaids are natural choices (your sister) others aren’t. You need to make sure that the people you choose are ready, willing, and able to take on the responsibilities of the job. Here are some tips for ensuring that the bridesmaids you choose are up for the task.

• Longtime friends – the longer the friendship, the better the chances are that your friend will be committed to being a bridesmaid. Avoid choosing people you don’t know very well.

• Personal problems – Some of your friends may be having their own personal problems and these can interfere with them being able to fully participate in your wedding. When possible, don’t choose anyone with a lot of situations going on.

• Unhappy – Have you noticed that any of your gal pals seem to be less than happy with your wedding announcement? If so, they may carry over these feelings of unhappiness over to all aspects of the wedding process.

• Ask First – It’s important to ask your potential bridesmaids if they would like to participate in your wedding rather than simply expecting them to. Allow your friends the opportunity to say no if they really would rather not be involved.

• Remember that it’s much easier to choose the right bridesmaids at first than it is to try to remove a bridesmaid that is already in place. Once a bridesmaid shows problems it’s a difficult situation to try to resolve.

• Complaining – Be wary of anyone who immediately begins to complain about being a bridesmaid or asks a lot of questions. If your potential bridesmaid starts asking about the costs involved in being in the wedding or inquires about the amount of time she’s expected to participate it’s a huge red flag that she probably isn’t ready.

• Too many bridesmaids – If you choose to have a large wedding party you’re asking for bridesmaid trouble. Even in a big wedding you’ll want to try to limit the number of bridesmaids to no more than 7. For smaller weddings, keep the number lower – 5 bridesmaids is plenty.

• Think carefully about your bridesmaid choices. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your recent engagement but try to keep yourself grounded as you think about who will make the best choices for bridesmaids.

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