wedding gown for your body type

Choosing the best wedding dress style for your body type

While you may have dreamt of a certain style wedding dress the truth is that not all dresses look good on every figure.
Jan. 30, 2013 | By: The staff

One of the first and most important tasks that you’ll need to do once you’re engaged is to shop for your wedding gown. With so many dress styles to choose from the search for the perfect gown can be overwhelming. There are some style dresses that look best on certain body types so you should start by eliminating any dresses that aren’t the best styles for you. While you may have dreamt of a certain style wedding dress the truth is that not all dresses look good on every figure. Here are some of the most common body shapes and the styles of wedding dresses that look best on them.

Small / Petite Figure
A petite bride cannot be overshadowed by a large dress. If you’re small you need to choose a dress that helps to create the image of height. A-line dresses and column sheath dresses will look best on you. Avoid large, puffy dresses that only make you look short and pudgy.

Full figure brides are usually curvy and have prominent hips and busts. The key to a beautiful wedding gown is to choose one that helps to minimize your fullness. Opt for dresses that have high waistlines or that have low necklines. A mermaid style dress, so popular now, is ideal for your shape. Try to steer away from sleek or clingy dresses that only tend to accentuate excess curves.

Large Bust
If you have a large bust one of the most important things to remember (no matter what dress you choose) is to wear an undergarment that will properly lift and position your bust. You can wear almost any dress but you should avoid extremely revealing necklines. Try to move the eye away from the bust by wearing a dress with a full skirt.

Tall women can wear a large variety of dress styles successfully. Tall women are able to wear gowns with large trains and long veils very well. One thing to keep away from is a dress with a high neckline or anything that draws the eye upwards because this will elongate your figure even more. You will look marvelous in a full ball gown.

Broad Shoulders
If you have broad shoulders you may feel as though you should try to camouflage or hide them. In fact, trying to do so will usually serve the opposite. Instead, choose a dress with a waistline so that it creates the illusion of an hourglass shape. Don’t wear small or cap sleeves. Halter style dresses will look good on your figure.

Pear Shape
If you have a larger bottom than top, you’re pear shaped. Find a dress that accentuates the top while providing more coverage for the bottom. Drop-waist dresses will help even out your figure. Try an off-the-shoulder dress style to bring more attention upward. A-line dresses will appear nice but stay away from v-necks that point the eye downward.

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