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Grooming your groom

Your big day is approaching and you’ve made appointments to have your hair, nails, and makeup done – but what about your groom?
Jun 25, 2014 | By: The staff

You certainly don’t want your man walking down the aisle looking like a cave man. For many men, manscaping is not part of their normal grooming habits. But your wedding day is an exception. Men need to take steps to look their best on their wedding day.

Haircut – Men need haircuts often to stay looking good. But the haircut usually doesn’t look its best for a few days. Make sure that your guy schedules a haircut appointment in the week prior to your wedding. An important tip is that your groom shouldn’t try a new cut or style right before the wedding – it could backfire!

Facial hair – Men with facial hair need to groom it properly. A professional trim is in order before the wedding. This will ensure sharp lines and removal of stray hairs. If your guy takes care of his own facial hair you may want to provide assistance by giving him a new razor to help with grooming.

Eyebrows – Some men have a lot of facial hair, including bushy eyebrows. You don’t want your man to sport a uni-brow on your wedding day! If he is prone to bushy eyebrows it’s best to have them trimmed or waxed by a professional about a week before the wedding.

Nails – Men that work with their hands often have dirt and grime under their nails that can be difficult to remove. Get your man a manicure in the week before the wedding. A manicure isn’t just for women anymore! When making an appointment be sure to choose a salon that caters to men clientele for your guy won’t feel out of place.

Unwanted hair – Men sometimes have hair in places where it doesn’t belong. If your groom has excess hair in the nose or ears this must be trimmed before your wedding. Special nose and ear hair trimmers are available that easily and quickly remove this unsightly hair.

Skin care – More and more men are becoming aware of the need to take care of their skin. The face is especially prone to drying and wrinkles if not properly moisturized. Fortunately, many products are now on the market that are designed specifically for men. Get your man some of these products to make the skin soft and supple – particularly on the face.

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